By working with the gardeners, community groups and the City to secure ownership or long-term leases, NGT protects land access for community-managed open spaces.

When NGT determines that a community garden is a good fit for preservation, we work with the gardeners to acquire or lease the land. Land assembly for garden preservation can be complicated and can take more than a year, especially if there are multiple properties with different land owners.

NGT-protected gardens are run by the gardeners themselves. Once NGT secures ownership or a long-term lease, NGT:
  • Provides liability insurance
  • Provides limited support for repairs and maintenance and capital improvements, with a priority on gardens in low-to moderate-income neighborhoods
  • Monitors garden conditions and safety concerns
  • Provides access to a citywide network of community gardeners
  • Refers community gardeners to education and technical assistance offered by Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS) and other organizations
  • Enters into an agreement with community gardens the define roles and responsibilities. Click here (insert link) to see a copy of the Garden Agreement